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Caterpillar Type Pultrusion Line



BLG-600X110-20T Caterpillar Type Pultrusion Line


BLGD-180X110 FRP pultrusion line can produce different types of FRP products with different moulds, such as shed pole, ladder, anticorrosive ladder, grating, anticorrosive ladder, “L” type, “I” type, groove profile, square type, the uniform section FRP pultrusion products.

A.Equipment characteristic 

The line mainly consists of roving racks, resin bath, heating oven, calibrating device, traction machine, cutting saw and racks for finished products. It has the following features:

1.The machine is designed according to the small section hollow profile; it had the features of steadily to operate and marked energy saving effect. 

2.The chain guide rail is UHMWPE, and the rail had strong wearability, it can prevent the products from polluting.

3.Adopting wear resistant polyurethane press block, double strand chain. 

4.The whole open-shut model traction frame can effectively assure the traction force and the products with the same direction and it is convenience to adjust.

5.The inverter is imported from Japan, Mitsubishi PLC is adopted in speed adjustment of the pulling device, realizing infinite speed variation.

6.The machine can realize fix-length cutting.

B.Main technical parameter

Center height                1000mm

Total power (not including mould heating power)     ≈4.1KW

Air pressure                         0.4-0.6Mpa

Air consumption                    ≈20L/min

Dimension                         ≈25000x1300x1450mm

1. Roving racks              2pcs

Ivory paint, combined structure, easy accessibility 

Rolls capacity: 70-100/5 layers

Dimension: 2m(L) x 0.6m(W) x 2m(H)

Standard configuration: 2 sets

2. Resin bath           1set

Number: 1 set

Body dimension: 1030mm x 720mmx190mm

Resin capacity: about 50kg

Support frame dimension: 1610mmx 810mmx1100-1700mm

3. Calibrating device

Calibrating table length              1000mm

Calibrating table width               800mm

Adjustment value of calibrating table height      80mm

Heating zones                       4

Dimension                          3350mmx1300mmx1700mm

4. Traction device 

Power                            1.1KW

Traction length:                    4000mm

Traction speed                    0.1-1m/min

Traction force                      ≤200KN

Traction gommures length           600mm

Traction mode:                     casement caterpillar type

Dimension                         4100mmx1300mmx1450mm

5. Cutting device

Cutting power                       5.5KW

Dust collection power                1.5KW

Max. cutting section size              200mmx85mm

Rotation speed                      2850r/min

Blade diameter                      ∮400/∮50

Cutting mode                        manual/auto

Cutting journey                      700mm

Dimension                          1850mmx1250mmx1510mm

6. Racks for finished products 

Length of racks            6000mm

Dimension                4000(6000)mmx1250mmx1300mm

C.Electrical components 

Converter               Mitsubishi FR-E740-5.5KW

PLC                    FX1N-14,

Tem-controller           AISET, Shanghai    N6000

Breaker and contactor    Huanyun, Zhejiang, China